Intermittent problem with Radius

Dave Aoun ( )
Mon, 9 Feb 1998 16:26:11 -0500

Hello all,

We sometime experience a problem with our copy of Radius. It is running on
a SQL Server machine as a service. For the second time today it has gone
into what we have termed "looping," where the same user name will appear
over and over for verification. This sends the processor usage to 80-90%
and no other users can get in. This action is seen in dos box mode and
assumed in service mode.

The one time this happened was due to a router problem where it seemed that
packets could not be sent back to the authenticating MAX-4000. This is not
the case today. It happened a long time ago, but we thought all those
problems would go away when we went to service mode and SQL Server.

Another suspicion is that the SQL Server is overloaded. It is running on a
P-166 with 64 megs of RAM. It is authenticating about 400 lines. I
suspect overloading because of the time that the problem usually happens:
3:00pm (kids home from school).

Anyone have any insights or hindsights on this problem? It's not chronic,
but the fact that it's happened twice today makes me very nervous.

Dave Aoun
Internet Technician