RadiusNT/USR Total Control/ 56k question....

Robb Bryn ( rbryn@cape-fear.net )
Mon, 9 Feb 1998 12:51:31 -0500

I am investigating the feasibility of moving our current setup (NT RRAS) to
use RadiusNT with a USR Total Control Unit and have a few questions.

Is it possible with RadiusNT to manage users logging into a Total Control
Unit and restrict their bandwidth/connect rates? To be more specific we
have three accounts setup for our users 1 - 33.6 account, 2 - 56k acct, 3 -
128k ISDN acct, each with flat rate pricing plans. The question is - How
can I restrict my 33.6 accounts from logging on at 56k? Keep in mind they
will all be logging into the same unit. Is this something that RadiusNT
can handle?

Robb Bryn

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