Re: Sorry about the reply to message that was sent to the user list ...

Brad Albrecht ( (no email) )
Thu, 5 Feb 1998 13:37:30 -0800

Since we should mostly be technical people here, I have taken for granted
that people know how to read a mail header to see where the mail came from.
If you are using Outlook Express, you can right click and get the properties
to see the whole mail header. In doing this, you will see that this person
is dialed in to Now, they COULD have a hotmail account with
the same address as the return address, but doubtful. Sending mail to
abuse@hotmail will probably not get you far. Sending mail to
is probably a better solution if you really wanted to follow up on it.
Although Hotmail will probably get right back to you, they will probably NOT
have the answer you wanted, whereas will just blow you off.

Either way, I would like to see this list not be able to be used as a spam

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Subject: Sorry about the reply to message that was sent to the user list ...

>Sorry I intended that reply to go to it originator ... I am in complete
>agreement with Franco Nogarin and as I now see the originator is a hotmail
>customer I am contacting them.
>FYI ... here is a direct copy of their policy from their web page:
>Hotmail is not an anonymous email service. Hotmail does not tolerate our
>users being the victims of junk email. We are equally intolerant of Hotmail
>users sending junk email.
>They have an email address for JUNK mail ...
>Again I apologize for the reply ... but I joined this forum for information
>on RADIUS not electricity get rich quick schemes!!
>Doris Dean
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