Re: Starting Radius as a Service

Kelly Wright ( (no email) )
Wed, 4 Feb 1998 10:16:56 -0600

Now I am really stuck. I checked System DSN, I am running in both mode
(text and ODBC). I am using a trusted connection. SQL is configured for
trusted connection also and it doesn't work.

For some reason in trying different settings something happend to the
radlogin. Radlogin doesn't work. I start radius in the forground fine but
when I test it with radlogin, the radlogin locks up.

I don't know what to try next.

Kelly Wright (
BuzNet Communications

>> I have recently installed RadiusNT on a new server. I am able to run it
>> the foreground. Works fine.
>> When I try to run it as a service it doesn't work. The service does
start but
>> it won't authenicate any users.
>> I am sure it is something simple but I can't figure it out.
>> Any ideas?
>Start with the basics. Is it a System DSN? Are you running
>in ODBC or both mode? If the DSN a trusted connection? What mode
>is your SQL Server configured for?
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