Re: Accounting and RadiusNT

ACCS Internet ( )
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 16:55:04

Sorry about the typo it is RadiusNT =)

>There are two things to check. Make sure you have the services
>file entries in. Otherwise the default port for accounting will be
>incorrect. Do you see a warning about "no entry in your services
>file when you start in -x15 debug mode?
No I dont see that in the debug mode. I really don't see any errors at all.

>What port did you setthe accounting to go to?
I have it set to go to 1646 for the accounting port with the require secret

>The above isn't really an erorr. The
>second number (which you ommitted) is most likely 0000, which
>means no error. RadiusNT will display that when it can't find any
>users matching the login information.
I think all things are setup correctly but still I get no population of the
calls table. *frown*
-Jason Kallner
ACCS Internet Services