Accounting and RadiusNT

ACCS Internet ( )
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 09:03:26

We are running the latest version of NTRadius and using them in conjunction
Cisco 2511's. We have the following line in our router to enable accounting,
aaa accounting network start-stop radius
I can monitor the stuff going on in the router by typing in "term mon" then
typing in "debug aaa accounting" and it appears that it is sending out the
information just fine. Though in our calls table nothing gets put in. I
have populated the Server ports table with each on of our NAS ID's and have
the ports numbered 1 through 16. I am assuming that the ports are related
to the number of async ports on our routers and start numbering from 1 to
16 instead of 0 to 15.
I turn on the radius -x15 debug mode and all I see is authentication
information and this single error. SQL Fetch error: 100 . But I see no
accounting info at all. Can anyone help?

-Jason Kallner
ACCS Internet Services