Re: Restricting login hours

Greg Lowthian ( )
Thu, 29 Jan 1998 10:37:56 -0800

>> >>> >>
>> >>> >> How can I restrict a user to login between the hours of 6:00am and
>> >6:00pm
>> >>> >>
>> >>> >> PM3's and Max4000's
>> >>> >> RadiusNT 2.2.41
>> >>> >> Emerald 2.2.32
>> >>> >
>> >>> >Using ServerPort access, you can limit the login time.
>> >>> >
>> Ok I think I have it figured out now except I can't find anything that
>> states the syntax for Start, Stop and Max Time.
>All in minutes. Start and Stop are minutes since midnight. RadiusNT
>correctly handles the situation where start is greater than stop also. :)
>> Am I correct in saying that I create a new Service Type in General under
>> EmeraldAdmin and assign default attributes to it under
>> EmeraldAdmin/Radius/Default then under Server Access assign the new service
>> type start and stop and max time then select this service type for the
>Yes. Understand with ServerAcess if you do NOT have a refernence for the
>port and accounttype, that accounttype will NOT be able to login. It
>doesn't look like 2.2 supports the NULL serverport like I thought it
>did, so you'll have to add each port. 2.5 will support a NULL serverport
>in the server access table so you only have to make one entry to access
>all ports on the NAS.

I found if you put the times in with the server selected instead of the
port it puts it in all ports

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