Re: RadiusNt with Oracle

Flemming Eriksen ( (no email) )
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 11:57:01 +0100

Options Registry ?

Oracle is running on a Unix Server, RadiusNT access Oracle thrue
Oracle Customer Support telling me that "GetDate()" is not Standard SQL
Is it possible to change RadiusNT's "GetDate()" to "GetDate" ?


>Flemming Eriksen wrote:
>> I am about to convert access database to Oracle, but inserting into CALLS
>> not possible.
>> The problem is access use "GetDate()" and in Oracle I can't create a
>> function that dosn't have a value inside "()".
>> Do somebody have know what to do?
>You can add 16 to the Options Registry entry to have it act
>like MS Access. I've been playing around with Oracle here and
>trying to get RadiusNT to work with in (albeit 2.5). If people
>think MS SQL Server is difficult to understand, they should
>run from Oracle. Now I know what Oracle Admins get big bucks! :)
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