Re: Concurrency

Greg Lowthian ( )
Tue, 27 Jan 1998 13:24:43 -0800

>> >> I have enabled Concurrency in Radadmin 2.2.41. Users are set to a Login
>> >> Limit of one in Emerald 2.2.32. With this setup using me as a test I
>> >> login but when I log off the call does not clear from Emerald's On-Line
>> >> view. If I set the Login limit to 0 in Emerald for my account then it
>> >> clear from Emerald when I log out.
>> >
>> >Do yoiu have Variable Login Limit enabled in RadiusNT? With your account
>> >set to zero does it allow you to login successfully (answers the first
>> >question, actually).
>> >
>> >What kind of NAS are you using this with?
>> >
>> No I only have Concurrency set in Radadmin. Yes with it set to 0 I can
log in.
>> PM3's and Max4000's
>Unless you have Variable Login Limits checked in RadiusNT, the loginlimit
>field is NOT used at all. You can verify this by looking at the SQL
>statements. I've posted an updated trigger several times that fixes an
>issue of people logging in/out within the same minute not being removed
>from the calls-online. Could that really be the issue you are
>running into here?

Yes I think it is the issue for me at least. Can you post the trigger and
how to apply it or point me to it.

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