Steve Williams ( (no email) )
Sun, 18 Jan 1998 12:31:07 +1000

To get tracing to stop, you have to select 'Stop Tracing Now' in the ODBC
control panel applet (if it hasn't been selected already). Once this is
done, tracing will only stop once all applications that were using tracing
have been stopped... and restarted.


>Victor wrote:
>> Dale,
>> I found what is causing the server to work so hard, the information is
>> being recorded in the SQL.LOG file and I can't find where to stop it.
>> times I just had to go to Control Panels ODBC32 and select the tracing
>> and click on stop tracing....... but this time that tab has the "Don't
>> trace" option selected, is there any other place in SQL- EM where one
>> than up.
>Thats the typical place. Do a start then a stop and see if it stops
>> Also, do I need to have SQLExecutive running as a service? can that be
>> cause of the problem? I gotta stop this thing, the SQL.LOG is growing at
>> fantastic speeds!!
>I doubt its SQL Executive.