Static IP addresses no longer works

Thomas Suiter ( )
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 12:51:48 -0600

We have had to add the attribute "" for framed-address
into the RadAtConfigs table, because a user using Linux was able to
request any static Ip addresses, including our name server (BAD
USER!!!). Now our assignment of static IP addresses is no longer
working for the Cisco equipment we have there, but at the same time we
also have USR Netserver's who are working fine assigning static IP

The version of Cisco IOS is 11.2.5 the AAA debuging tells us that the
user gets authenticated fine and then the call drops.

This product is live so any help that you could give quickly would be
very much appreciated.


Thomas Suiter

Cisco AAA Config

aaa new-model
aaa authentication login vtymethod radius enable
aaa authentication ppp default radius local
aaa authorization exec radius
aaa authorization network radius
aaa accounting exec start-stop radius
aaa accounting network start-stop radius
aaa accounting connection start-stop radius
aaa accounting system start-stop radius

Cisco Asyncs Config (these are all the same 1-16)

interface Async16
ip unnumbered Ethernet0
ip tcp header-compression passive
encapsulation ppp
async dynamic address
async mode interactive
peer default ip address XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
no cdp enable
ppp authentication pap

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