RadiusNT and UNIX passwd file

I.Simoni ( (no email) )
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 19:00:38 +0100

Hi all,

currently we are trying to migrate from a "CISCO-2511+LINUX"
access solution to a newer with the use of "Ascend-Max-40XX NAS"
and RadiusNT.

Now, we are trying to run "RadiusNT" in ODBC mode with the "-x15"
command line flag with this options on the admin's panel with the
target of UNIX authentication from 'passwd' file.
- Concurrency control
- Manual Calls Update
- Server Port Access
- Password Replace

With the 'MasterAccount' form on MsAccess we create the
subaccount 'xxx' with password 'UNIX'.

Then the user 'xxx' try to connect to the system and ...
after the query execution RadiusNt display this messages:

CHAP Password Comparison failure.
Sending Reject of id 58 to XXXXXXXX (Max Unit Name)
LOG: User: gio.l Not found

User: gio.l Not found

The 'RadiusNt' software is on 'c:\radius', the 'passwd' is in 'c:\radius'
the 'Data directory' and the 'Accounting directory' is in 'c:\radius'.

Where is the problem ???