Re: Installing the Alpha Version Of Radius NT

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 12:25:52 -0800

Elon Richards wrote:
> We were evaluating Radius NT and Emerald on an intel based machine.
> However, we really want to test the software on an Alpha based machine.
> We downloaded the Alpha Version of Radius NT but now we are at a loss as
> to how to install this version. Could someone please give us the steps
> neccessary to get Radius NT installed??

See the below notes from the install.txt file for installation
details. Also note you have to edit the registry and ODBC
setting manually since we do not have an administrator for the
Alpha platform. When installing RadiusNT as a service (-install)
it will create the basic registry key, though.

See the docs at:

For details on the registry and command line options.


Extract the contents of the archive to c:\radius. To start out
with PLEASE use that directory. It will make life easier, and
later you can move it if you don't like c:\radius. Get it
working before moving, though!

NOTE! The archives use LONG FILE NAMES, and so you SHOULD use
an un-archiver which supports long file names. Such an example
is the EXCELLENT WinZIP for WindowsNT ( If you do not
have such an archiver, then please rename the following files:

dictiona dictionary
clients.exe clients.example
users.exe users.example

The Steps

Now that you have the files in c:\radius, follow these directions:

1. Create the directory c:\radius\acct. This will be used for
accounting purposes.

2. Copy c:\radius\clients.example to c:\radius\clients. You can rename
it, but I prefer to copy.

3. Edit the file c:\radius\clients. Replace portmaster1 with the IP
address of your NAS (terminal server). DONT USE THE DNS NAME YET.
Get it working with the IP first, then change. You have been warned. :)

Change the testing123 to a secret. This can NOT have spaces. Choose
something from 4-10 characters. CASE IS IMPORTANT. Remember this, as you
will need to use it again in a later step when you configure your NAS.
Save the clients file.

4. Create the file C:\radius\users. Copy the following two lines to this
file (between the dashed lines):

test Password = "test"
User-Service-Type = Framed-User


Make SURE that there is only ONE TAB between test and Password. SPACING is
crucial, and there must be EXACTLY one tab before "User-Service-Type". CASE
is VERY IMPORTANT. Save the users file. (Later you can look at the file
users.example to get ideas of more complex user entries).

5. Edit your services file. For NT this is
For Win95 its \win95\services. Add the following two lines to the file. You
can put them wherever you want, typically in the correct order is preferred.

radius 1645/udp radiusd
radacct 1646/udp

Save the services file.

6. Start up a dos prompt from within NT. Change to the directory c:\radius.
then execute radius as such:

radius -x

This will start it in debug mode. It will complain if something is not
configured from above. If everything goes good, you will see a final
line "waiting for requests". At this point you can minimize the DOS
windows and continue on.

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