Re: Modify SQL messages

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 08:59:56 -0800

Stephan Malkmus wrote:
> does anybody know if or how to modify the SQL messages sent
> by Radius ( Version 2.2 ) to the SQL Server.
> Specially the command INSERT INTO Calls how can I
> setup the values which were sent or can I setup
> a command like INSERT INTO YXZ.

The statement is dynamically created based on the fields
in the calls table and the attributes received in the accounting

The process is outlined in the RadiusNT Docs at

> Accounting Process
> When RadiusNT starts, it reads the list of fields from the Calls
> table. This is cached in memory so RadiusNT will know which
> accounting attributes you want it to store.
> When an accounting record is received by RadiusNT, it checks each
> attribute of the accounting request to see if there is a matching
> entry in the calls table list it read into memory. If there is,
> then that attribute is stored into the calls table. Since RadiusNT
> does not check for a minimum set of records, it is possible for an
> error to arise while trying to insert the new record. However,
> this will not cause RadiusNT from continuing to work.

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