RE: Radius Login and C/C++

Mokrosh Pietro ( )
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 18:48:52 +0100

well, i tried to get gcc (gnu c) from

and know what? i actualy compiled it! it's great to compile some
small sources from unix in nt...

well, some minor changes were needed, like commenting out line
108 in radiusd.c (gcc doesn't know signal SIGIOT) so i'm not sure if it
works...but you can learn much from that.
it would be great, if microsoft includes radius in his api - so
i can authenticate my users from Exchange against radius. i hate that
having 3000 user accouns in my domain. will see what will be the matter
with directory in nt5...

> >try this:
> >
> >sources of radius...
> Thanks!
> Nobody can suggest some source for NT, instead of Unix/Linux?
> Bye, AL
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