Vendor-Specific Attribute

Mokrosh Pietro ( )
Fri, 9 Jan 1998 19:26:16 +0100


i just installed RadiusNT and i use some 20 Remote Annexes from Bay
Networks. Anything works great, but i have a question:

in Bay Documentation of their Radius implementation i've found:

attribute: Vendur-Specific (26)
Provides Bay Networks attribute extensions that follow the RFC 2058
reccomendation for vendor type encoding


Bay Networks Vendor-Specific Attributes
The vendorID used in Bay Networks Vendor-specific attribute 9VSA) header
is 1584, as allocated to Bay Networks by the Internet Assigned Numbers
Annex-Filter (VSA Bay Networks 28)

please, what shound I add to RadAttributes (i use ODBC mode) so i can
use it in RadConfigs table???