Re: Encripted password on RadiusNT

Endang Rachmawati Adwiarto ( (no email) )
Fri, 9 Jan 1998 13:53:23 +0700

The "encrypted password" checkbox in RadiusNT Administrator
is uncheckable (it's shaded with grey).

Pls advise.
Appreciate the help,


-----Original Message-----From: Dale E. Reed Jr. <>To: <>Date: Thursday, January 08, 1998 4:51 PMSubject: Re: Encripted password on RadiusNT

>Endang Rachmawati Adwiarto wrote:>>>> Can we run RadiusNT with the encripted the password on SQL?>> If we can, pls explain in some detail of how it can be done and howRadiusNT>> decripts the password.>>RadiusNT can use standard MD5 hash encrypted passwords (like>found in a unix passwd file) in the database. This is an advanced>feature and not for those who do not understand what md5 hashes>are. We do not offer any tools to facilitate the creation of the>passwords in encrypted form, either.>>To enable this option, use the "encrypted password" checkbox in the>admin, authentication section. Its an all-or-nothing option: you>can't have clear text passwords if you enable it.>>-->Dale E. Reed Jr. (>_________________________________________________________________> IEA Software, Inc. | RadiusNT, Emerald, and NT FAQs> Internet Solutions for Today |>> ----------------------------------------------------------> RadiusNT Mailing List>