Bug: Cannot Limit Calls Based on DNIS # and Multi POPs

Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Thu, 8 Jan 1998 01:29:46 -0500


Just to give out our basic Layout on how we are currently using our new
Chassis system to limit Theft of Service, we are configured with ISDN PRI
Connections (47 Lines per chassis) and we have 3 Phone numbers for our
clients to call in on. Line 1 is for up to 33.6k Only, Line 2 is for 33.6k
and X2, and Line 3 is for 33.6k, X2, and ISDN. Our USR Total Control
Chassis have a feature that allows us to setup DNIS Pre Initialization
before pickup so that we can limit the speed for our clients.

The Problem is how do I set the Radius Attribute NAS-Port-DNIS for a
specific group login to the DNIS number the client is ONLY to dial. For
Example I tried the following to see if it would limit login to the
specified DNIS #:

Framed-Protocol: PPP
Session-Timeout: 28800
Idle-Timeout: 1200
NAS-Port-DNIS: 0001 (Line #1 for 33.6k only)

Now, if I called on line #2, the NAS returns the Info to the RadiusNT
software, is has NAS-Port-DNIS as 0002 but I discovered that RadiusNT has NO
support to check to see if NAS-Port-DNIS is the one the client is allowed to
use. Can you please tell me how to do this feature? If this feature is not
available, could you please add this feature in ASAP so that we can simplify

with Multipurpose Chassis?

Also, can you add support for Multiple DNIS numbers as well for MultiPOPs.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

PS: BTW, there may be a bug with USR's Total Control Modem Code 5.6.7 and
Netserver Code 3.6.28 with RadiusNT. When we establish a connection via a
Radius account, it works but when we try to login a user via the NT User
Manager account, it fails. This currently works with the older code but the
newer code fails.

Rudy Komsic
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