Radius reverted to trial mode

Dave Aoun ( daoun@csonline.net )
Fri, 2 Jan 1998 10:36:37 -0500

A problem just recently appeared on a Radius server here. After four weeks
of flawless running, the server stopped authenticating. It is running
Radius 2.2.41 in a dos box against an Access database. The liscenses table
is verified as correct, but every time Radius is started, it claims that
there is no license information and starts in trial mode.

Radius is able to find the information in the registry, so text file mode
works fine. It is only in the database that it fails. I have tried
completely deleting and re-creating the liscenses table with no success.
Repairing the db made no difference either.

As I write this, the problem has been identified. It is the date. If I
backdate the machine a year or, I assume, three days, Radius starts without
a problem.

Is this a problem with our license or with the EXE? Our SQL server luckily
has not suffered the same problem as far as we've noticed (and trust me,
the customers will let us know!) Your help in this issue is greatly

Dave Aoun
Internet Technician