Re: USR (3 Com) Netserver 8/I plus

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 10:00:07 -0800

Ted Cekan wrote:
> Thanks for all your help. It is working now. I got some more info from
> 3com. It will work with any of their box boxes if you set up:
> Framed-Address =
> Framed-Netmask =
> This works with my NetServer Plus, NetServer, and Total Control.

You should realize that a Framed-Address of allows
the user to request an IP Address. Not necesarrily a good option
to use. From the RFC:

The Address field is four octets. The value 0xFFFFFFFF indicates
that the NAS should allow the user to select an address (e.g.
Negotiated). The value 0xFFFFFFFE indicates that the NAS should
select an address for the user (e.g. Assigned from a pool of
addresses kept by the NAS). Other valid values indicate that the
NAS should use that value as the user's IP address.

> > 2) You must have these entries for the 8/I plus:
> > Framed-Address =
> > Framed-Netmask =

I actually have no idea what would do. I would reject the
auth packet (as an invalid IP Address) is I were the NAS, though.

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