Re: RadiusNT with SQL server

Endang Rachmawati Adwiarto ( (no email) )
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 07:50:25 +0700

Thanks for a prompt reply.
I execute the command and truncate the log, it reduces the
size but it didn't totally zero in the log size.

For your information, the log is using 3 different devices.

Appreciate the help.

-->Endang Rachmawati Adwiarto wrote:>>>> For SQL server experts out there,>>>> I'm using radiusNT 2.2 with SQL ODBC.>> I've ran it for about 3 months and my transaction log is building up.>> I tried to truncate it but the log space availability didn't increase its>> availability size.>> Anybody knows how do truncate the log size totally to zero?>>>> The situation of my log size compared to the data size is as follows:>> Log size: 1413 MB and -->Log Space Available178.69 MB>> Data size: 907 MB --> Data Space available:623.54 MB>>Run the following on your database and then truncate the log:>>DBCC CheckDB(Emerald)>>Where Emerald is you database name.>>-->Dale E. Reed Jr.  (>_________________________________________________________________>       IEA Software, Inc.      |  RadiusNT, Emerald, and NT FAQs> Internet Solutions for Today  |>> ----------------------------------------------------------> RadiusNT Mailing List     >>