Notes to Access Users

Brad Albrecht ( (no email) )
Sat, 27 Dec 1997 20:59:49 -0800

I ran across a little problem this weekend in looking over my calls table.
In the sample Access database that comes with RadiusNT (including latest
posted on iea-software's site) the size of the login name field in the Calls
table is smaller (12 char) than the login name in the subaccounts table (16
char). What happens here is that if the user has a longer name than what
will be stored in the calls table, the accounting is lost. If you are using
Access for accounting, you probably want to make these two fields the same
size to make sure you get all accounting info. I would probably change the
calls table to 16 (or more) as opposed to making the accounts smaller. The
real size of how long you can have your login name depends on your NAS, but
they should at least be the same. My Portmaster2's can handle more than 12
at least (since I ran across this problem..)

Good luck. Resizing the dB takes some time and RAM.

Brad Albrecht
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