Problem with setting up access Via DNIS

Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Wed, 24 Dec 1997 19:33:03 -0500


What we are trying to do is the following:

We have PRI connections for our Total Control Chassis and have 3 main
numbers. We use DNIS with 4 digit codes. # 0001 is for up to 33.6k, #0002
is for up to 56k, and #0003 is from 9600-ISDN. The thing is we would like
to enter in Emerald the DNIS # for the specific service our clients are
allowed to use. Our chassis allow us to send INIT strings before the phone
picks up (#0001 Init = s68=112[to disable ISDN protocols] s76=6 [to disable
X2 Protocols], #0002 Init = s68=112 s76=0, #0003 Init = s68=96 [only allow
async to syncPPP], s76=0). The Chassis work fine but what value within the
radius attributes must I use for the DNIS configuration to match with

Also, The problem for future upgrading and expansion to other cities, how
would I be able to add Multiple DNIS numbers into the Radius Attribute so
that clients who roam would be able to get the same service on other phone
numbers. With X2 technologies and allowing users to use ISDN and Asych, I
do not think modulation type attribute would be appropriate here. Is there
any solutions for the multi DNIS line configurations? If not, can i suggest
the following? Create an attribute called Call-group where it will be a
number from 1-100 (to make it flexible for multiuse chassis). then have a
file within the radius directory called phonegrp.txt or something like that
where you would specify the call group as follows:

; Group # DNIS # From 1-15
; ====== =============
1 0001
1 1001 ; Other city DNIS number for group 1
1 2001 ; Other city DNIS Number for group 1
2 0002
2 1002 ; # for group 2
2 2002 ; # for group 2
3 0003
3 1003 ; # for group 3
3 2003 ; # for group 3

This file would be read when Radius service starts up and then would be
memory resident. Now when someone logs in that is on group 1 at 2001, the
client would be able to access the system (eventhough he is calling from
another city, he is part of group 1. But if he tries to call into group 2
or 3's numbers, he would be rejected.

Thank you for understanding and I will be anxiously waiting for your
Rudy Komsic
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