Re: Server Ports for the Max

Accounting ( (no email) )
Wed, 24 Dec 1997 00:39:33 -0600

Well dood it is approaching 1 am and I cant keep eye lids open (tooth picks
broke an hour ago). I will get back to you soon, and I hope you have a
happy and safe holiday. Many many thanks to you for all your help and I am
sure we will work it out. It is people like you that make List Servers
work and make them enjoyable. There is so much I do not know, but I am
learning more everyday. I am a programmer by nature and if you ever need a
program written just let me know. I will talk to you soon.

Merry Christmas and all that good stuff,

John Chalker
Cyber South Internet Comm., Inc.
334-678-8800 Tele
334-678-7766 Fax