RadiusNT + distributed/proxy authentication

Jason Hodges ( jason.hodges@sprint.com.au )
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 20:08:53 +1100


I noticed a few postings in previous months on the list archives on this
topic -

Welll.. we've come to a need to use it!.

Basically we have a Merit radius server to which all our NAS's point
authentication requests, merit is configured with realms to pass
requests for a particular realm to another radius server.. This is
working well and good, except for one slight thing (now I know you're
all going to say ask merit!), but it passes the whole login - ie the
user@realm full thing - I would of preferred just user..

Does anyone have some suggestions as to how this may be avoided? Does
RadiusNT support the use of suffixes which are available in a few other
Radius implementations?
What stage is RadiusNT up to with Proxy support? I don't think Dale
actually every answered with a yes, and here's the info on where to find
out more!

Any suggestions appreciated..


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