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NetLink ( (no email) )
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 17:58:17 +0200

Hello All,

I'm facing a very urjent problem.
yesterday I started working with USR couriers 33.6 .
Many of my clients are complaining of disconnections - something I didnt
expect to happen with my new USR's!

In my Radius 7 database I see that there are many "holes" - places where
customers were connected but the time field is empty - the radius doesnt
count the time!

I moved to RadiusNt 2.2 (ODBC or text - still doesnt know).

Can anybody give me instructions how to upgrade my radius 1.1
to 2.2 without causing any damage to my system?
And an init to connect with RC ch.modems ?

Ori Sade,