Re: Server Ports for the Max

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 15:33:48 -0800

Accounting wrote:
> PLEASE don't flame me. I am new to RadiusNT. I have it working fine in
> ODBC mode. However, I do have one problem. I can not get RadiusNT to do
> accounting, I feel that my "Server Ports" table is not set up correctly. I
> have an Ascend Max 4048. The server port table asks for server ID which is
> 1-for my ascend box, then it asks for Port and IP address. I have no ideal
> what the prots are (dont know how to find out) and I assign IP address from
> a Pool. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated as I need to know how long
> people are being connected each month.

Do you have the 4048 confgiured for accounting and sending accounting
requests to RadiusNT?

The IP Address is teh ServerPorts table is not used at this time.
The Port field should represent what the max returns in the
NAS-Port field. Typically this is something like 10101 for your
first ISDN and 20101 for your first asyn and so on.

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