Re: Framed-Route atttribute works or not?

Kevin Brown ( )
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 23:08:35 -0600


I appreciate your responses to my initial entry onto the list with regards
to the Framed-Route attribute. However, since that post was made, I have
spoken with Cisco IOS engineers directly and have been afforded the
following explanation which could prove valuable to many members of this list.

In direct reference to Framed-Route, the Cisco engineer I spoke with
confirmed that failures in dealing with this attribute were a "known issue"
and have been fixed in IOS revision levels 11.2.5 and higher. This is also
assuming that the aaa model was correctly configured on the access router
with at least the following two aaa declarations. They are:

aaa authorization network radius
aaa authorization exec radius

>Those are routers. I would assume the as5x00 series would have the same
>support, but are not classified as routers.

The access routers (as5x00 series are still considered 'routers') as they
have the same ability to route data networks as would any other product
running Cisco IOS. Thus the reason Cisco touts a common IOS over
practically all their products for inter-operability reasons.

>One thing you have to realize is that I am NOT an authority on all
>RADIUS clients.

Understood, and appreciated.

>I don't even know what half of them support. As far as RadiusNT is
concerned, >we stop as the RFC.

Great... now to ensure everyone else is RFC compliant (*cough*) so that
what is proposed will work. :=)

Thanks again, I hope my evening has been productive for others considering
this same scenario.
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