RadiusNT and Concurrency

Mitch Wagers ( mwagers@ocsnet.net )
Sun, 14 Dec 1997 21:32:29 -0800

I'm happy to announce that we now have variable (Option value 83 for us)
concurrency control for every single user. We offer two plan types here,
MTP (Managed Time) and UTP (Unlimited Time). The MTP Accounts can share
their user/pass with *anyone* they wish, no matter what city they are in
because they are paying per hour, so they can login 500 times if they so
wish, they'll just get billed for the time! The UTP accounts are restricted
to one login only and the system is working great now, even though it's only
been running for a few hours this way. Although this is a giant step
forward for us (exporting data from Q&A records into Access), I have a

Is there any limit on what Radius can read as the Count from CallsOnline or
the SubAccounts.LoginLimit field? In other words, if I set LoginLimit to
1000, can Radius handle that number? (I'm guessing it can, just want to
make sure)

Great product, Dale...this is making all of us ecstatic! We've had many
many UTP users sharing their accounts and/or logging in from work and home
at the same time.