Re: Framed-Route atttribute works or not?

Mitch Wagers ( )
Sun, 14 Dec 1997 18:50:34 -0800

Well, I haven't had much luck with it over a PPP Session, same as Session
and Idle Timeouts, they don't work with Cisco on a PPP session, only an EXEC
session. This does not mean it doesn't work, I just haven't had much luck!
However, if you really want to do the Framed-Route thing, create a VPDN
entry with some IP permits and/or Access-List Usernames and when the user
establishes the PPP session, the Cisco will pick up the IP class and assign
them to the VPDN! I got it to work here, but it's a bit more administration
than just assigning an attribute...but it's the only solution I know of at
the moment until the IETF releases the next Radius DRAFT and Cisco picks it
up! (I've been studying, heheheh)

At 08:40 PM 12/14/97 -0600, you wrote:
>I had seen some discussion about this recently, but may have missed the
>Does the Framed-Route attribute work correctly with Cisco as5300-series NAS
>and Ascend Max4004 NAS routers or not? If so, what are the quirks to work out?
>I have a customer who desires to predetermine which member network a user
>can access based upon the Framed-Route attribute. I *need* to be certain
>this will work before recommending RadiusNT as their authentication solution.
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