RadiusNT and CallsTable

Mitch Wagers ( mwagers@ocsnet.net )
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 17:02:41 -0800

Dale (and everyone),

Concerning my issue with the duplicate Session ID's...I contacted Ascend
and they have assured me the problem was fixed in their newest
Release-of-the-Week software...5.0ap33. I'm going to load ap33 tonight and
already know the problem isn't fixed, so I will ship them a file of about
6,000 records with an average of 6 duplicate SessionID's (groups of 6).
I'll let everyone else know what they say! Ascend (this is for Dale),
attempted to tell me it was a Radius problem...uh huh! I have serious
doubts about that since Radius doesn't generate the SessionID's.