Re: RadiusNT and Calls Table

Mitch Wagers ( )
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 23:08:51 -0800

Ok, then the problem is the Ascend is sending back SessionID's that match
already-established ports with the same SessionID.
How the heck do I fix that *sigh*

At 11:08 PM 12/11/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Mitch Wagers wrote:
>> Ok, I can tell you two things really quick....
>> There is a SessionID in the START record (acctstatustype=1) and a SessionID
>> in the stop record (acctstatustype=2), those are identical and that IS
>> correct, yes?
>Yes, that *IS* correct. Look at the key. Not only is AcctSessionID in
>there, but SO IS AcctStatusType. Therefore, you can receive the start
>and stop record for the same AcctSessionID w/out violating the key.
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