Re: RadiusNT and Calls Table

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 22:50:37 -0800

Mitch Wagers wrote:
> Ok...I have a question....
> The radius database (radius7.mdb) has 4 Primary Keys on the Calls
> table...Why is this so? We are getting tons of accounting errors due to the
> duplicate SessionID, NASIdentifier, etc....I removed the 4 keys after
> backing up the table and everything is working wonderfully now, even have
> CallerID and NASPortDNIS working correctly....any ideas?

The definition of a key for a DB is something that uniquely identifies
that record from all other records. If you remove the key, I can
almost gurantee that you will have multiple entries in the calls
table for the same call. That IS NOT something you want if
you are going to do billing.

Find out WHY you are getting duplicate accounting records, don't
just remove the key. Is a NAS using to low of a timeout? Are you
using and old RadiusNT with a NAS that requires signed accounting
packets? Those are the kind of things that will cause this.

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