Problems with script...

Michael Whisenant ( )
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 12:26:08 -0600

I have been working on a script for a few weeks and am so frustrated with
the inability to make it work I have tried everything. I am overlooking
something, but what I want to do is query the database for an IP address
for a specific day and have the report output the username IP, date, time
of the record. Nothing too hard, or is it? Basic output would be

12/11/97 username1
12/11/97 username2
12/11/97 username3

What I am using this for is in case I have an abusive user I can backtrack
the IP address being used to the account in use. Right now the best I can
do is get all users using the IP address within the month. Whenever I try
to restrict to a day or a couple of days, I get ZIP. Therefore near the
end of the month it takes forever, then I filter thru 4 pages of reports
for the 5-6 lines of text to get what I need.