Re: Inserting Licence and Company Name SQL Error

Paul Verney ( )
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 10:29:12 +0100

I am still having problems trying to insert the Liscence Key and Company.

after entering

insert into Liscenses (LiscenseID,Company)

in ISQL-w (Thanks for your help David Inman)

I get the following error Message:

> Nachr.-Nr. 2627, Schweregrad 14, Status 1
> Verletzung von PRIMARY KEY Einschränkung 'pk_Liscenses': Versuch, Schlüsselduplikat in Objekt 'Liscenses' einzufügen.

> Befehlsausführung abgebrochen.

Which translated is (hopfully good enought for you to understand)

News.-Nr. 2627, level 14 Status1
Injuring the PRIMARY KEY restrictions 'pk_Liscenses": Trying, insert Keycopy into Liscenses
Commandorder stoped

Whats happening and what can i do ?

--Paul VerneyBraucke NetServices GmbH & Co. KG