Re: Filtering commands with RadiusNT &

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 22:36:17 -0800

Jacob Gubits wrote:
> The Attribute for Filter-ID is string, I was trying today to add
> Filter-ID to Radius Dictionary as a string variable,
> #
> ATTTRIBUTE Filter-ID 63 string
> #
> But now after I add Filter-ID to the customer parameters.
> Filter-ID = "filtername.fil/filtername.fil"
> with quotes or without quotes, (In USR Manual it's without quotes, but
> the manual is full of mistakes),

It should be Filter-ID = "filtername". If the USR is like the PM
(its based on an old ComOS) then it will add the .in and .out
extensions when it looks for in/out. You only specify ONE filter
in the attribute.

> Now it doesn't complete the Login process at all, the dialer returns an
> error message "Dial-Up could not negotiate complete set of network
> protocols you specified in the server type settings Check your network
> configuration in the Control Panel and try the connection again"
> So if I'm using the RadiusNT command: Framed-Filter the USR Server
> ignores it, & if I'm using the USR command: Filter-ID it doesn't connect
> at all.

Bu what is the DIFFERENCE between the to? I've tried to explain that numbers
are what count. The names are in-significant. Are they both 64, and
one is a number and one is a string?

> My question again Is anyone knows and can give me example how to assign
> a filter to a user on RadiusNT with NetServerPlus 8/16.

Filters are vendor implementation specific. USR and PMs do it one way,
Ascend like normal does it a proprietary way, and Cisco yet another.

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