Re: NAS Identifier/Calls Online/USR Total Control Chassis

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 08 Dec 1997 21:51:04 -0800

Rudy Komsic wrote:
> Now it is working...
> But now the problem is this. Is there anyway of storing the IP address of
> the Client in a list so that we can call up the IP address at a specific
> time to determine for security purposes? For example, add a feature called
> IP Scan where it will ask the client or administrator the IP address and the
> date and time of the occurance. Then it would scan the Accounting SQL
> Database for that IP address who and when the client used that IP address.
> We would like to determine this information to limit hackers using our
> services to hack into other systems. Will this feature be implemented into
> a newer version of Emerald?

Its a pretty simple report/SQL statement. Something like:

Select *