Re: RadiusNT crashes when SQL shuts down

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 7 Dec 1997 11:34:32 -0800 ()

On Sun, 7 Dec 1997, Josh Hillman wrote:

> Is it "normal" for RadiusNT to crash (Dr. Watson) when the link to the SQL
> db is lost?
> I turned on our backup RadiusNT 2.2.41, running as a service in text/ODBC
> mode, then as soon as I brought down the server with SQL running on it
> (primary RadiusNT also), the backup RadiusNT crashed. I quickly went into
> RadiusNT Admin and turned off ODBC, saved the settings, then restarted the
> RadiusNT service and everything was fine. So long as the SQL server is
> running, RadiusNT doesn't throw a fit.

Its one of those undocumented features. :(

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