Re: RARAS Accounting Info

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 05 Dec 1997 23:18:29 -0800

David Harris wrote:
> Dale,
> Since I didn't get an answer to my last question I have decided to go all
> positive on the list and propose a solution to the RARAS problem, the way I
> read the RFC for accounting, you are in compliance when you send either
> attribute 4 (NAS IP Address) OR attribute 32 (Machine Name) or BOTH... USR
> sends Both, RARAS sends 32, everyone else it seems sends attribute 4.
> to make Radius-NT work with any compliant port server, if attribute 4 is
> sent, have it use attribute 4 as the NAS Id. if attribute 4 is not sent,
> look up the ip address of attribute 32 and use that as the nas Id.

A newer version of RadiusNT has this logic already.

> this may be a quick code change (I think it should be), anyway I
> currently have a test platform set up with an end to end isolated system to
> test on if I can be of any assistance testing a fix let me Know...

Its not that quick, and its actually a little more involved than
seen from the surface. We have been working very closely with
Microsoft to solve most of this issues and testing NT 5.0 beta a
RARAS with very acceptable results to these problems.

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