question on radius-1.60 in ODBC mode

Einars Bindemanis ( )
Wed, 03 Dec 1997 21:16:10 +0200

Dear RADIUS gurus,

we are still using old good Radius 1.60 in users text file mode,
recently tried to go to ODBC/SQL.

Radius could not load our users file as it did working in text mode:
below is some example. Anyone could help ? Thanks.

C:\RADIUS>radius -x15 -b -A

RadiusNT 1.16.60 2/7/97 Copyright (c) 1996 IEA Software, Inc.
All Rights Reserved, Worldwide

.......some lines skipped

Accounting Column 17: 'ClientPortDNIS'
config_init(): dict_valfind(Lifetime-In-Days) not found.

Loading users...
radius: attribute name Password not found
radius: Parse error -95 for user test
LOG: radius: Parse error -95 for user test

0 users loaded!

Radius NT is ready to receive requests!

... and users file:

test Password = "ttt"
User-Service = Framed-User

*reload* Password = "aaa"

(there _is_ a TAB character between "test" and "Password")


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