Re: RARAS Accounting Info

David Harris ( )
Tue, 02 Dec 1997 17:24:27 -0600

OK Lets try this again!!!

At 10:49 AM 11/30/97 -0800, you wrote:
>David Harris wrote:
>> I am in the proccess of setting up a NT RARAS server for a small dial in
>> POP and have run into the NT Accounting Problem. microsoft in thier tech
>> support article Q173533 states;
>Good luck, you'll need it... :(

I think I had pretty good luck and here is where it comes back to:

after much pulling out of hair it has come to my attention that
radius and emerald are requiring the NAS-IP-Address, and it is
misidentified as NAS-Identifier. the RFC says either...

Either NAS-IP-Address or NAS-Identifier MUST be present in a RADIUS

If radiusnt could Pull the IP ADDRESS from the NAS-Identifier(Machine Name)
RARAS would be functional with emerald & RadiusNT. I don't mean to be
difficult I just find myself in a position where i am going to need to run
USRTC racks, Computone Power Racks and RARAS all on the same Emerald.

Am I Off-base or correct?

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