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Line to add:

Replace with the domain name or IP address of your SMTP server.

For more information see the FPSERK at

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I'm not sure about the perl script but I believe there is an something.ini
file in Fp98 that needs to have the mail server set in it. FP98 forms use
this for mailing the script. It can be global or virtual site specific. I
for the life of me can not remember the exact ini file name but it is in the
FP98 docs on the cd.


At 06:20 PM 4/18/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello All:
>Can't get eMail from either a perl script or from MS FrontPage98
>forms. Could it be that 'cause the eMail is a different machine than
>the WWW server, and NT 4.0/IIS4 send it over? In perl a .txt file is
>created for the eMail and BLAT sends it just fine when run from the
>DOS prompt...Won't do it from Perl or FrontPage though. All the other
>stuff works find from the same script, i. e., updates data file and
>creates .txt files.
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