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Eric Cowperthwaite ( )
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 09:06:24 -0700

The only difference in how I installed IIS40 is that I installed SP3 prior to anything

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Subject: Upgrading to IIS40

Well we're finally planning on upgrading to IIS40 and before we make the
change I just wanted to know from you all your suggestions on how to go
about it. Basically the machine we are running IIS 3.0 runs also CF 3.01 ,
SQL 6.5 & WarFTP. We are trying to avoid using a different program for FTP
since we've heard FTP services on IIS40 have been improved (among other
things). I know we should install IE 4.01 first of all but I'm not sure if
one should apply SP3 after the installation of IE4. This are the steps I'm
planning to follow, take a look at them and if you find anything that could
be avoided or shouldn't be done feel free to say it either here or e-mail
me privately.

1)Uninstall IIS30
2)Install IE 4.01
3)Re-apply SP3
4)Stop CF services, SQL services & WarFTp service
5)Install IIS40

Does this makes sense..?

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