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>> Your callers need an LMHOSTS file setup correctly so they can find the
>> and other computers on your network. If you were also running NetBEUI
>> all you dialup clients were running NetBEUI), you wouldn't be having this
>> problem. But, since you are only running TCP/IP (which is what you should
>> be doing because NetBEUI generates a hugh amount of spurious network
>> traffic), that means that NetBIOS has to run across TCP/IP. The NetBIOS
>> traffic can't find the PDC on the other subnet without some help from an
>> LMHOSTS file. Be sure and configure the dialup clients to enable LMHOSTS
>> lookups. It would also help of the computers on your network were also
>> using LMHOSTS files.
>The people who used to log onto the network via dial-up (just like our
>normal internet customers) have never had an LMHosts file, whether they
>were using NT4 or Win95. Client for MS Networks (Win95) handles this in
>conjuction with a workgroup name matching the NT domain name for the
>network. All employees can see the entire network with no problems when
>their IP is in the same C-class as the IPs for the servers and other
>workstations in the office. Once the dial-up IPs were changed to a
>different C-class (dynamically assigned as always), no one could log onto
>the network anymore.
>TCP/IP is the only protocol in use.

Read my lips!! Because you now have two different Class C's, you now need
either a WINS server or you need everyone to have an LMHOSTS file. NetBIOS
doesn't have a clue how to get from one Class C to another without some
help. If you'll just have everyone put this one line in an LMHOSTS file,
your problem will go away: YourPDCName #PRE #DOM:YourNTDomainName #MH

where: = IP address of your PDC
YourPDCName = name of your PDC
YourNTDomainName = name of your NT domain (NOT your DNS domain name)

If your PDC is multi-homed, add multiple lines
with the different IP addresses and everything
else the same and INCLUDE the #MH on the end
of each line.

If your PDC is not multi-homed, leave the #MH off.



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