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Wed, 15 Apr 1998 10:50:06 -0500

First of all, check the following:

1. Does InterNIC have the said domains on hold for some reason?
This can be done by doing a whois on the domains and looking under the
2. Have you tried restarting the MS-DNS service? I have to do this
about once every month in order to keep the DNS server working properly.
I spoke to Microsoft about this and they said it may be due to the cache
file not expiring cached records.
3. (kick the machine?)


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I'm having a weird DNS problem. I hope somebody could help me

I am running a DNS server on my machine ELIJAH.UPLINK.COM.PH and
it resolves
queries for the domains HONORSOCIETY.COM and PHILHEART.ORG.
Everything was
working well until this morning.

This morning, I found out that people outside my network ( on
other ISP's
here in the Philippines ) couldn't browse WWW.PHILHEART.ORG

So I checked and found out their DNS servers can't resolve the
said domain

However, their system administrators can query my DNS server and
get the IP
address of WWW.PHILHEART.ORG .

Could it be that something is wrong with InterNIC's database ?

I asked 2 people in the US to surf WWW.HONORSOCIETY.COM and
WWW.PHILHEART.ORG. The first guy said he couldn't surf them
both. But the
second guy could surf them.

I've asked the network administrators of my ISP and even they

I hope someone could help me.

Danny Sinang
President - Uplink Technologies, Inc.
( Provider of "Clean" Internet Access )

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