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Unless the ISP has given you a class c (255 addresses)(which I really doubt)
the burden of running the DNS really falls on them. If you are on your own
network with your traffic being routed to you running a DNS may be to your
benefit. If your server is plugged into the same network/ethernet segment
as the ISP's servers and you only have a few addresses assigned to your
server the ISP should handle it.
How many addresses are we talking about, and are those addresses a separate
subnet from the addresses that the ISP uses?

If you are going to run your own DNS, I highly recommend Bind NT, a port
currently handled by Paul Vixel. This can be downloaded from several
sources including . This is the
current "Home Page" for Bind95NT.

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> I've got a co-located server and at the moment the ISP that is hosting it
> for me is doing the DNS and pointing to IP's on the box. They have
> suggested that I "Do my own DNS" but as I have no knowledge of this side
> of things I'm looking for advice in terms of software and is it something
> which can be tackled easily.
> Any help appreciated :)
> Ade
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