Re: X-Originally-To Header and full domain mail in NTMail

Lloyd Brunt ( )
Tue, 14 Apr 1998 13:37:39 +0100

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Another NTMail question...

In order to deal with NTMail's inability to restrict incoming message sizes
on a POP domain, I thought I had figured out the solution. I created a full
domain for the customer. Had all "unknown user" mail transfered to the root
account, and then had the pullmail.exe file on the remote Exchange server
pull mail down from the root account.

Guess what. NTMail does not seem to include the X-Originally-To header with
non-POP domain mail. In other words. if the mail account is full domain, it
does not include the X-Originally-To header, which pullmail.exe requires.

Anyone know either a) how to work around this or b) when a version of
NTMail will be coming out that is not inconsistent in how it handles mail?
I am getting really tired of having to delete large attachement mailfiles
for this customer EVERY would think that something as simple as
limiting incoming file attachments would not cause such problems.



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Matt, NTMail doesn't add the X-Originally-To field because you only need it
when your mix all the email to different users into one POP account. This
doesn't usually happen with full domains where the email is kept separate.

I didn't think that Pullmail supported this clause anyway.

Try using the:

Received: from * for ?????

Again I don't think Pullmail can handle this but AutoDial (by the same
author) can.

-Regards, Lloyd

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