Re: MS DNS, UNIX and Reverse Lookup

Kevin Seyer ( )
Mon, 13 Apr 1998 12:04:54 -0500

Hi Howard,

The registered hostname for IP: is PROVIDER.IAMNOW.NET.
Reverse DNS resolves this IP to be

This discrepency is why the IE download is failing.

Check your in-arpa DNS settings in MS DNS Manager

Hope this helps,
Kevin Seyer
Dolphin Communications Inc.
Dallas, TX

At 02:42 PM 4/12/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello List:
>I continue to struggle with reverse DNS lookups. My upline isp
>(secondary) is UNIX and I'm NT4.0, IIS3 based. I recall seeing
>something recently about WINS being placed in my Primary SOA so the
>upline ISP can see me for reverse lookup purposes. Does any of this
>make any sense to someone? My reverse lookup doesn't work. Do you
>think because I have static IP addresses assigned to each port is
>exacerbating the problem?
>BTW if you want to see if yours is working try getting MS 128
>Encryption IE at after dialing
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