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Kevin Ingram ( (no email) )
Sat, 11 Apr 1998 09:15:31 -0500

Could you post this here? I'd be interested in seeing your approach as well.

Kevin Ingram
Access Online Staff
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Date: Saturday, April 11, 1998 9:03 AM
Subject: RE: Netshow Charges..

>Victor, this is like the question "How long is a piece of string?"
>Email me directly with the specific requirements of each customer and I'd
>glad to give you an idea of what we'd charge for each and how we come up
>with the price.
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>> Subject: Netshow Charges..
>> I've got a few requests of people wanting us to host their web sites ,
>> of them are music vendors others are radio stations, they all want to use
>> Netshow but I have no idea as to how much to charge them for setup and
>> bandwith consumption. Has anyone of you implemented Netshow on the ISP's?
>> Can you give me an idea as how to go about charging this customers...
>> been putting them off for a while but right now we have 5 people asking
>> it asap. I'll appreciate any comments or suggestions on this
>> subject....Thanks.
>> All the best,
>> Victor
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