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Am I hurting the machine by waiting a minute or two and then cycling power?

Also, what about remote admin when I need to do a reboot?

Thanks for the replies...I thought I had done something wrong.
I really do appreciate the help from the list.

Sometimes I wonder what I'd do without you guys/ladies being around.

Paul L.

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From: George G. Stossel [mailto:STOSSEL@DACOR.COM]
Sent: Friday, April 10, 1998 2:03 PM
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Subject: RE: NT4/IIS4/Exchange 5.5 Not Shutting Down

Try setting up the following batch file to shutdown your server. This
will shutdown Exchange it the correct sequence so that you don't have to
wait for each task to time out. Cuts your shutdown from 20 minutes to

Echo Off
Echo --------------------------------
Echo Shutdown - Stopping services ...
Echo --------------------------------
Net Stop MSExchangeIMC /y
Net Stop MSExchangeMSMI /y
Net Stop MSExchangeMTA /y
Net Stop MSExchangeIS /y
Net Stop MSExchangeDS /y
Net Stop MSExchangeSA /y
c:\ntreskit\shutdown /L /T:5 "System Shutdown in 5 seconds" /Y

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From: Penelope Baker []
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Subject: RE: NT4/IIS4/Exchange 5.5 Not Shutting Down

oh it completes. there's a problem with the services.exe file
on NT 4.0
and MS Exchange. It takes 20 min or more for a full shutdown
on size of information store. You can stop all the MS Exchange
in control panel for a slightly faster shutdown...


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> From: Paul T Laudenslager []
> Sent: Friday, 10 April, 1998 11:45 AM
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> Subject: NT4/IIS4/Exchange 5.5 Not Shutting Down
> I've recently put together a production server consisting of
> NT4AS w/ sp3.
> When I go to shutdown, it says please wait while writing
> information to
> disk...but it never completes and it just sits there.
> I've installed IIS 4.0
> Exchange 5.5
> ...and a few other various packages.
> I've never had this problem before with any other of my NT4
> Servers (this is
> the first one with Exchange though).
> Researching MS knowledge base, they refer to a fix but say
> contact MS's
> Technical Support.
> Any suggestions on what my next few steps should be in
resolving this
> problem.
> Thanks in advance for your time and consideration!
> Paul L.
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